So today I’m going to be discussing the way I prefer to take pre-workout as well as a mini review of the product I am currently using. I will also be going through a review of the shaker bottle I am currently using. Lastly, I will go over my leg day routine yesterday.

I like to take pre-workout a little different than I would say probably most people do. Number one I hate pre-workout mixed with room temperature water. I think it makes it taste worse than it already does. If any of you haven’t tried pre-workout before it’s very very sweet! One of the things I like to do to help cut the sweetness is add my pre-workout to bubbly water. I prefer using plain sparkling waters because they don’t add calories and they don’t add any sugar or sweetner. For me I feel like the bubbly water helps it taste more like a soda and not like super concentrated Kool-Aid. A lot of times I even add the bubbly water to my plain water because then it doesn’t make my stomach feel so full, while still giving my pre-workout a little fizz.

IMG_0736A couple of the sparkling waters that I use are the Trader Joe’s Sparkling Spring Water and Mendota Sparkling Lime Water. Even though these sparkling waters say they are flavored, it’s really just only a hint of flavor and once again there are no added sugars or sweetners. I know that these come in other flavors as well. Another option would be to use a Soda Streamer. The Soda Streamer is a product that I would definitely recommend to anyone. It’s a great way to save some money if you’re a heavy soda drinker or just like adding some carbonation to different drinks! That will definitely be one of my next purchases in my near future.
IMG_0739Now that I’ve discussed how I prefer to take my pre-workout I’m going to talk about the product I am currently using. Right now I am taking the C4 Pre-Workout Explosive Energy with Creatine Nitrate in the flavor Strawberry Margarita. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this particular flavor. I do like the product itself. The Strawberry Margarita just tastes way too sweet to the point when I drink it, my tummy feels kind of icky. So I would love some suggestions on other flavors and/or  brands that you guys are using for your pre-workouts!

Next I’m going to talk about my shaker bottle I am currently using. I have the SmartShake bottleIMG_0740 that is endorsed by Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler. I actually really like myIMG_0741 shaker bottle. It comes in 4 main different sections: the cup, the lid, the supplement storage, and the preworkout/protein powder storagIMG_0742e. I personally don’t use the full shaker bottle, but it’s definitely nice for those of you who want to bring your supplements to use at a later time. So with the supplements storage there is a little cross to separate the different vitamins,
etc and this can be removed to make another pre-workout/protein powder storage container. When the lid comes off there is a little cage piece that fits into it. This prevents swallowing any of the gross chunks you can get from protein powder. Overall I really do like this shaker, it’s a 20 oz shaker so there is plenty of room for your product and your mixer.

Lastly, I’m just going to quickly go over what I did for my leg routine.

Yesterday we started out with squats: I did 3 working sets and then I also hit a PR (personal record) yesterday of 5 reps at 155 lbs.

Next I did the incline seated leg press. I prefer this one because I think it activates my glutes better than the regular leg press.

We ended our workout with a few working sets of hamstring curls and leg extensions.

These are just a few of the exercises I enjoy doing on leg day. Obviously, there are many many many more that you can try, but that was just what I did for yesterday’s training session. I am still fairly new at weight lift training. However, I am definitely enjoying seeing so many physical changes to my body as well as my strength dramatically increasing in such a short time.(Disclaimer once again: I am in no way a trained fitness expert or a medical professional. I am just sharing ways I like to train in the gym and what works for me. It is also recommended you talk to your doctor before starting any new exercises or diet.)

So currently, I’m working towards weight loss. Training in the gym is only one component to that diet is 75-80% of weight loss. So later on I will be showing some of the ways I have cleaned up my diet and share recipes as well. What are some of your favorite leg day training exercises?

As always feedback, likes, ideas etc are always welcome! I appreciate all the support and I will be getting another blog post up soon! Hope you enjoyed!

Rebecca Lee ❤