I am excited to try out some products that I purchased from ULTA Beauty! All of the products I purchased are new to me. There are BOGO sales, buy one get one 50% off many products. Ulta is one of the websites that can be shopped at through Ebates for 3% cash back. Also use Code: 301872 for $3.50 off of a purchase of $10 or more.

IMG_0765The first product I am VERY VERY excited to discuss is the Urban Decay NAKED Smoky eyes palette! I also know that this product is available at Sephora and the Urban Decay website. Urban Decay just released this palette last week! I am so excited to try it out. The colors are absolutely amazing! I’ve also heard many great things about about the NAKED palettes, IMG_0766but this is the first one I will be trying. I’ve very excited. I love the packaging of this product. The box matches the outside of the actual palette. It definitely stands out especially compared to the other NAKED product packaging. I also like that the pans are in a hard cased palette instead of the more cardboard type case. The product has a raised IMG_0770font on the outside, making it stand out from the background and giving it a little more edge. The names of the color palette are also listed on the back of the outside box as well as on the product. The Urban Decay palette also includes a cheat sheet for different smoky eye looks. I am definitely anxious to try this palette out, especially since I’ve heard so many great things about the other Urban Decay NAKED products. I will also be doing a swatch for you for a later post.

IMG_0773I also purchased the Too Faced Insurance Lip Primer. This product is supposed to help hydrate lips as well as plump the lips. This lip primer is also free of parabens and vegan friendly. It comes in a nude color and should prevent feathering and fading of lip products. The packaging is very cute like all the other Too Faced products. The actual product is very simple. Since I have been trying new lip products, I can’t wait to see how well this primer works in conjunction with them.

IMG_0774I picked up a few different NYX products as well because they were part of the BOGO sale. The first one I picked up is the NYX HD Finishing Powder in Translucent. This is supposed to be a product that helps set makeup after you’re finished. It’s also supposed to help from makeup settling into fine lines. The packaging is very simple and neat. I like that the lid is clear so I can see the actual color of the product. I hope that this product works as well as the reviews I read said it does.

IMG_0771I also picked up the NYX Proof It Eyeshadow Primer in Transparent. I have never tried this product before, however, yesterday I used it under my Too Faced Semi-Sweet eyeshadows and  I definitely saw a difference. The colors stayed true all day. The eyeshadows also applied much smoother and richer in color. The packaging of this product was very simple and clean looking. This is definitely a product I will be getting more of.

IMG_0783I found some great NYX lip products as well. I got the NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS 27 Eden, NYX Butter Gloss in BLG22 Devil’s Food Cake, and the NYX Butter Lipstick in BLS17 Pop. IMG_0786I have tried one NYX Matte Lipstick and I love it. It finishes very smooth. It also lasts a long time without caking. I am excited to try more of these lip products from NYX Packaging is very simple on all of these products as well.
IMG_0798I recently tried wearing false eyelashes, it’s safe to say I’m now an addict especially since I have such non-existent lashes. IMG_0797I had purchased a couple of other Eylure lashes at Target and loved them! They fit my eye shape really well. They also are very easy to apply because of the curve of the band. So naturally I wanted to try out some other styles of falsies. I decided on a couple of more dramatic eye lashes, so I’m excited to see how these look on me. Also look for an upcoming blog review on affordable false eyelashes, which styles and brands I prefer.
IMG_0788I also received some free samples. I received a small sample of the Versace Bright Crystal, the Baume D’amour Loving Care Body Balm, and the Hask Argan Oil Moroccan shampoo and conditioner. I personally think that the Versace Bright Crystal smells very similar to bug spray. It’s very floral scented, something I’m not a huge fan of. I’m interested to see how the body balm and shampoo and conditioner works.

IMG_0793Lastly I picked up this contouring brush from Sonia Kashuk’s line at Target. I really like this brush. It is great for a really sharp contoured look. It helps create some great definition for the hallows of the cheek. I would recommend this brush for someone who wants that sharper appearance without paying a huge amount of money for one like the NARS contour brush.

I’m excited to be trying so many new products. Another great tip to remember is to sign up for the ULTA rewards program. For every dollar you spend, you earn points. For every 100 points, you earn $3, 250= $8, 500= $17.50, 750= $30, 1000= $50, and 2000= $125. You also get exclusive discounts, promos, and double points and a gift during your birthday month. Hope you enjoyed this post! More to come soon!

Rebecca Lee ❤