Obviously there are a gazillion places to shop online. I would even argue that it’s where a majority of us do our shopping nowadays. So, I want to discuss some of my favorite places to find deals online, maybe even some that you may not have heard of. These sites will apply to both men and women, although I feel like they will appeal more to women. All of these online stores are ones that I have found where I can purchase inexpensive, fashionable items or designer products for a discounted price!

hautelookThe first store I want to talk about is HauteLook.com! (Shout out to my cousin for telling me about this site) This website is a sister store to Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. It includes sales and discounts on different designer items for men, women, and children, the home and beauty products. These sales change fairly frequently, giving you different choices of products and designers. There are even times when you can find designer labels such as Louis Vuitton at a huge discount! Unfortunately free shipping doesn’t kick in until the $100 mark. However, the one nice thing about this site is that you are able to make returns within 90 days, even with the large discounted prices. They also recently changed their return policies and you are now able to return items by mail, or to your nearest Nordstrom Rack retail store. This is one of the best places I’ve found to find designer items at a discount and know 100% that you are receiving the real deal!

janeThe next place I want to discuss is a site called Jane.com. This online store has GREAT deals on items you would find in boutiques. Most of these items are targeted towards women. However, there are deals on kids items, home decor, and other miscellaneous items such as car chargers, portable chargers, coffee mugs, etc. Most of these deals expire within a day or two and some have a limited amount of items they can sell. The products come from various boutique sites. So if you want to do a return, you usually have to do it through the boutique the item came from. I really love statement necklaces, and I always find them on Jane for a great discount. There are always amazing deals and they always have a different giveaway you can sign up for. It’s a great place to find fashionable boutique items!

UnknownLastly I want to talk about AliExpress.com. AliExpress has a plethora of items clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. I don’t know if it’s true, but one of my friends informed me that the designer items you can buy from AliExpress are real, but have flaws so they are unable to sell them in stores. I personally go for more of the clothing side of the site. I have been able to find many great clothing items you would typically find in a boutique. However, most of these items do come from the Asian countries, so I would suggest ordering at least one size up. Most of the retailers do free shipping, the items do take longer to arrive than usual. I would also suggest reading the reviews and looking at the ratings of the different retailers before purchasing items like you would do on Ebay. I like this website because I can find a lot of great clothing for less than $20.00!

These are just a few of the online shopping sites that I like to peruse. There are always great deals and great product options through these sites. Let me know some of your favorite shopping sites and where you like to find deals!

Rebecca Lee ❤