As a warning this is more of a rant/warning for people, most specifically for people who go to the gym!!

Normally Dalton and I work out later at night, so many times there are very few to almost no other people working out at the gym. However, today we decided to do leg day around mid afternoon, a very popular time of day to be at the gym. And the amount of horrendous gym habits I saw were alarmingly high. Now once again I am in NO WAY an expert. However, in my humble opinion if you’re going to take the time to try and better yourself, you should do it the right way. Now this of course can mean different things for different people.

Our bodies all respond differently to various diets and exercise, so I am in no way saying there is one right way to workout and eat. But, if you’re lifting weights especially, learning how to do movements correctly should be vital. Today I saw far too many people doing movements either incorrectly, with too much weight, or even both. Now doing these exercises without knowledge of correct form or using too much weight can actually be more harmful to your body than helpful. There is greater potential for injury like pulling or straining muscles.

I notice too many people at the gym who are concerned about doing as much weight as possible. Often times using too much weight will affect the form of the movement. Thus in turn leading to possible injury. Using too much weight also doesn’t allow you to properly strengthen the muscle. It’s important to remember quality of the movement over quantity of the weight moved.

I realize that personal trainers can be expensive. However, today we have so many other resources available to us. There are millions of fitness platforms that we can find on the Internet. Sources like and YouTube are great places to start. has a community of fitness enthusiasts who are there to help each other out with different tips and tricks to exercising. YouTube has so many tutorials and how to videos that it’s easy to learn how to correctly do a movement when lifting in the gym. YouTube also have several people who are in the fitness industry who put out videos specifically for beginners on diet, training, and what it takes to live the fit lifestyle.Dalton’s YouTube channel has tips and tricks for diet and exercise, you can also see which athletes he follows for his own personal knowledge of exercise and diet. He also does online coaching, this is another great option. While this still costs money, it’s usually significantly less than an in person training session. Usually these coaches will write up a diet plan and workout plan specifically to you and your needs. They are also usually available for email contact when you have questions. The most important thing for people is to learn basics and learn them well.

Once again, I am in no way a professional, and I am a beginner when it comes to fitness. However, I strongly believe that improving my body and my health requires educating myseIf. If you’re trying to better yourself, it’s best to know the right way to do it and not accidentally do your body more harm than good. Find good resources and use them!

Remember friends: Quality over Quantity.

Rebecca Lee ❤