What girl doesn’t dream of having long luxurious lashes?? Unfortunately for many of us we are  not lucky enough to be blessed with such lashes, myself especially. I have very sad almost non-existent lashes. Until recently I had never seriously looked into my options for what I could do about my lashes, so I began to research. One of the growing trends today is getting lash extensions. While they can look beautiful, you also risk possible injury to your lashes and eyes if the technician is not properly trained. So for those of you who decide to go this route make sure you do your research!!!  Here is a link to some tips and information before going to a salon for lash extensions. Another issue with getting lash extensions is the cost. Getting lash extensions done properly comes with a fairly hefty price and  touch ups are needed every few weeks. Now if you’re a recent grad like myself and/or simply on a budget this is probably not a viable option. So the next obvious answer is false lashes. Falsies are a great option, however the amount of different brands/styles of lashes can be overwhelming. Falsies can range anywhere from $1 to $150 depending on what type of hairs are used. Now once again if you’re like me and you’re on a budget, $150 for a pair of false lashes is just not a reality. So I tested out a few different drug store/find at Target/Walmart false lash brands.

IMG_0933-2The first false lashes I ever tried were the Eylure brand. These retail for about $3-$10 for single/multipacks of lashes. They can be found at Target, Ulta, ASOS, and Walgreens to name a few. This brand has been around for quite some time and is also arguably one of the biggest in the false lashes market. I found that these falsies are extremely wearable and easy for first time users. The band is very flexible and curved, so application was fairly simple. The size of the lashes also fit my eye shape very well, I didn’t need to do any trimming, obviously this is different for everyone. All of the packets that I saw came with their own lash glue.  I do really like the Eylure lash glue applicator. It’s got a little twist top with a wand so that you can easily apply the glue to the lash band. The glue comes out white so it’s easy to see how much you have applied and then it dries clear. One thing I would say is that I will probably use the Eylure brand for when I want more dramatic lashes. Even with the more “natural” false lashes I found they were fairly dramatic on my eyes. They come in many, many different styles though both varying in length and volume. The last thing I will say about these lashes is that I have also been able to wear them more than once, at least 3-5 times before they start to gunk up too much and look too mangled. Overall, these lashes are beautiful, and easy to use/wear. I would definitely recommend these for beginners.

IMG_0930-2The next brand I will discuss is the E.L.F false lashes. These retail in single packs for only $1 or with a starter kit for $3. They can be found on their website or in Target. They only come in 4 different styles: natural, dramatic, studio, and individual lashes. While these lashes are extremely affordable at only $1 a piece I will not be purchasing these again. I personally I found these lashes to be extremely uncomfortable, and difficult to put on. First of all I do not like the glue provided for these lashes, it’s clear so it’s not very easy to see how much you have applied. Secondly, the applicator is a brush and not a wand, therefore it’s easier to get glue in unwanted places like on the actual lashes, which obviously makes them clump and not look very attractive. I also have found that the glue does not seem to hold very well. Next these lashes are not easy to apply at least not to my eye shape. The band is very straight, doesn’t have a nice curve like the Eylure brand. Even when I tried wrapping it around my finger they simply went back to their original shape, they were not very flexible. Normally I’m a big fan of the E.L.F. brand they give access to some great makeup for an affordable price for anyone, however these lashes were definitely a disappointment. I found that these lashes are very synthetic looking and don’t appear very natural at all. I do have a friend who really likes these lashes mainly for the reason that they’re so disposable because they’re extremely inexpensive. So if you come home from a night out and rip them off and throw them who knows where it’s not a big deal. However, like I already said I do not think I would recommend them for first time users. They’re just not very user friendly, and I think it’s worth a couple of extra bucks for a nicer pair that’s easier to apply and can be worn again.

IMG_0929-2The last brand I will be talking about are the Ardell false lashes. These can be found at Target, CVS, and ULTA to name a few. These come in around the same price range as the Eylure brand ranging from $3-$10 for single/multipacks. The Ardell false lashes are definitely my favorite everyday lashes. They come in these great natural wispy styles. My favorite everyday lashes that I have tried so far are the Ardell Demi Wispies. They give me some great volume and just enough length to look like I have beautiful natural lashes. These are knot free lashes, the band is much thinner and clear making it blend into your natural lash line more seamlessly. One thing you have to be careful of is taking them off of the packaging because the band is so thin. I also purchased the Ardell individual lashes for my lower lash line because they are knot free, they don’t appear clumpy and are more natural looking. They are fairly easy to apply, I still think that the Eylure ones are the easiest for beginners since they have a little thicker band so it’s more rigid when placing it on your lash line. The only complaint I have is that I do not like the lash glue applicator that comes with these falsies. The glue itself is fine and holds very well. However, the glue comes in a squeeze tube which makes it very difficult to apply to the band. It’s very easy to squeeze out too much product and get glue on the lashes. I usually put a small dot of glue on my hand and then run the band through it. Overall, I think these lashes are extremely wearable, comfortable, beautiful, and great for everyday use.

Obviously, these are the lower end of the false lash price range. However, there are many brands that fall more in the middle ground range of $25-$40. These are often made from mink and are wearable up to 20-25 times with proper care. For myself I still find that price range too steep for lashes. I have also heard that these more expensive lashes have thicker bands which can make wear more uncomfortable.

A couple more of the affordable popular false lash bands are Red Cherry and  Koko Lashes. So let me know which lash brands you like and what styles?

Lastly, I’m going to leave you with a few tips on how I apply my lashes.

  1. Make sure you have a tweezer. They definitely help to hold the lash when applying the glue as well as a applying them to your actual eye.
  2. Have a cosmetic mirror that you can move to an angle and look down at. It makes it a lot easier to apply the lash.
  3. I curl my natural lashes and apply one healthy coat of mascara before putting on my false lashes.
  4. If the lash band is fairly straight hold up a finger and gently wrap the band around your finger and hold it there for a few seconds. The lash band should be more flexible and have a better curve making application easier.
  5. Always make sure you measure the lash on your eye before applying the glue. If you need to trim it shorter always make sure you trim from the outside.
  6. Make sure you let the glue set for 20-30 seconds before trying to apply the lash. That way the glue gets a little tacky and it’s not too wet and slides around on your eye.
  7. When I apply my lashes I anchor the center first and then press the lashes gently into my lash line. Then I do the inner corner and lastly the outer corner.
  8. I also gently press my false lashes together with my natural lashes so they blend together. If you want you can also curl them, making them blend together more seamlessly.
  9. Try out different lashes and see what style/brand suits you best!
  10. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR NEW BEAUTIFUL LUXURIOUS LASHES!I hope I have provided you with some helpful information in regards to false lashes.I think that they provide a more finished look to your makeup. I definitely would say false lashes a new addiction!

Rebecca Lee ❤