If you’re anything like me, winter means dry skin and even worse chapped lips! After my travels back up North, my lips were feeling the pain of the cold weather. I came back home with icky, cracking and dried up patches all over my lips; not very cute and not very comfortable. So how do I solve this problem? Some may have answered, “duh, lip balm”: however, mine were past the point of slathering on copious amounts of chapstick, I needed something more “heavy-duty”. As of late, I have seen a lot of YouTubers using lip exfoliators. I did some searching and many of the lip exfoliators were out of my current budget. I couldn’t justify spending $15 to upwards of $50 on less than an ounce of product that I would simply rub on my lips and then wash off. Another issue I had was that many of the exfoliators had some sort of scent which I’m very sensitive to, I wanted to find something more simple and natural. I discovered a few DIY options that I love and are easily made with products most people would already have in their home.


  1. Olive Oil & Sugar Scrub
    Mix together about a tablespoon of sugar with just enough olive oil (enough so it creates a gritty texture). Scrub onto your lips gently, let the products sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute on your lips, then take a damp cloth and simply wash it off. I love this treatment because it nourishes and exfoliates, leaving your lips feeling soft and smooth.
  2. Honey & Sugar
    This technique is basically the same as as the previous, however it’s going to be much sweeter and of course it’s going to be a bit messier because of the stickiness of the honey. This one is also moisturizing and soothing. The honey contains a lot of antioxidants.
  3. Brown Sugar & Oil (Olive, Jojoba, Coconut)
    This treatment is also very similar to the first option, you’re simply substituting brown sugar in place of the white sugar. It is a very hydrating and nourishing formula because of the oil. And of course you can switch up the oils you are using.
  4. Baking Soda & Water
    This method is the same kind of concept, you want to form a paste with that same gritty texture as the sugar scrubs only this time with baking soda and water. Then instead of applying with just your hand use a toothbrush (not one you plan on using for brushing teeth!) to gently scrub away the dead skin. This one is not as beneficial as far as moisturizing and soothing, but it does exfoliate well.
  5. Wash Cloth
    Lastly, this option is definitely the easiest, everyone has a wash cloth or small towel of some sort to use. Simply wet the towel and gently exfoliate your lips until they are soft and smooth.

After doing any of these treatments be sure to wash off excess and apply a layer of some sort of lip balm or petroleum jelly. I personally have been loving the Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum. It’s a plant based jelly, so there aren’t the chemicals like you would find in regular petroleum jelly. It’s a great product it soothes, moisturizes, softens, and it’s unscented. I have linked it above to Vitacost, you can also find it at Walmart. I’m not sure if it’s in stores at Walmart though. If you shop at Vitacost through Ebates you can receive 4% cash back on your purchase and if you use Walmart it’s 1% cash back! It’s free to join and if you sign up through my link both you and I will receive free cash!

Keep in mind this process should really only be done 2-3 times max a week. It’s also beneficial to exfoliate your lips before going out for an event where you’ll be wearing lipstick for an extended amount of time. The wear will be much better with your lip products and application will be flawless!

Have fun making your very own lip exfoliators! Let me know which one you prefer best! And keep those lips kissable all winter long!