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Ways to Save and Earn Money while Shopping!!!!! $$$$$$

As a recent graduate, I definitely have learned that money doesn’t grow on trees and that finding ways to save is essential. For my first official post I just want to discuss different ways I save money!! I didn’t put this under any specific pages, because it applies pretty much to all of them. Obviously everyone knows that clipping coupons are an option as a way to save, I’m here to talk about a few other ways that I save and even earn money at many of my favorite places to shop!

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Hello world!

My name is Rebecca. I am from a small town in Northern Minnesota. I am also a recent graduate of Concordia College. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Art. I have relocated to the Greater Twin Cities area and I am loving it! I have decided to start a blog and share my advice, tips, tricks, etc in regards to fashion, fitness and beauty!

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