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Pre-workout and Leg Day

So today I’m going to be discussing the way I prefer to take pre-workout as well as a mini review of the product I am currently using. I will also be going through a review of the shaker bottle I am currently using. Lastly, I will go over my leg day routine yesterday.

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First Unboxing from Sephora!!!!

With my new love of cosmetics it only makes sense that I now have a love for Sephora¬†as well. I purchased some new products I’m excited to try out as well as a couple of products that I already love. In this post I will simply be doing an unboxing of the products and explaining what each one is, as well as first impressions and packaging. Continue reading “First Unboxing from Sephora!!!!”

Ways to Save and Earn Money while Shopping!!!!! $$$$$$

As a recent graduate, I definitely have learned that money doesn’t grow on trees and that finding ways to save is essential. For my first official post I just want to discuss different ways I save money!! I didn’t put this under any specific pages, because it applies pretty much to all of them. Obviously everyone knows that clipping coupons are an option as a way to save, I’m here to talk about a few other ways that I save and even earn money at many of my favorite places to shop!

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Hello world!

My name is Rebecca. I am from a small town in Northern Minnesota. I am also a recent graduate of Concordia College. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Art. I have relocated to the Greater Twin Cities area and I am loving it! I have decided to start a blog and share my advice, tips, tricks, etc in regards to fashion, fitness and beauty!

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