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Lean Turkey Meatballs (Macro Friendly)

Sometimes healthy cooking can feel a bit monotonous and it can be hard to find things that little ones enjoy as well. I like to switch things up with this recipe I created for lean turkey meatballs! These meatballs can be used for meal preps (they’re pretty macro friendly), or you can pop them in the freezer and save them for another time, they’re also easy to make and taste delicious, everyone in your family will love them!  Continue reading “Lean Turkey Meatballs (Macro Friendly)”

Winter Weather Pick-Me-Ups: DIY Lip Exfoliators

If you’re anything like me, winter means dry skin and even worse chapped lips! After my travels back up North, my lips were feeling the pain of the cold weather. I came back home with icky, cracking and dried up patches all over my lips; not very cute and not very comfortable. So how do I solve this problem? Some may have answered, “duh, lip balm”: however, mine were past the point of slathering on copious amounts of chapstick, I needed something more “heavy-duty”. Continue reading “Winter Weather Pick-Me-Ups: DIY Lip Exfoliators”


I have decided to begin doing monthly favorites, each month will have a different theme. This month I have decided to do favorite beauty products. Since August is the eighth month, I will be discussing eight favorites. I split the eight products between drugstore favorites and high end favorites. Hope you enjoy this post! Continue reading “8 AUGUST FAVORITES!!”

Falsies!! ;)

What girl doesn’t dream of having long luxurious lashes?? Unfortunately for many of us we are  not lucky enough to be blessed with such lashes, myself especially. I have very sad almost non-existent lashes. Until recently I had never seriously looked into my options for what I could do about my lashes, so I began to research. Continue reading “Falsies!! ;)”

Quality over Quantity!!!!

As a warning this is more of a rant/warning for people, most specifically for people who go to the gym!!

Continue reading “Quality over Quantity!!!!”

Flavor God :P

So as I have previously discussed diet is a 75-80% of weight loss. Often times we associate healthy foods with being bland and having little flavor. One of the ways to combat this is by using various seasonings on your foods. Some of the main issues with grocery bought seasonings are that they are expensive, come in small portions for the price, and include lots of the icky stuff like high sodium and MSG. For me it’s important to have both healthy and tasty food without adding all the bad stuff.  Continue reading “Flavor God :P”

Online Shopping!!

Obviously there are a gazillion places to shop online. I would even argue that it’s where a majority of us do our shopping nowadays. So, I want to discuss some of my favorite places to find deals online, maybe even some that you may not have heard of. These sites will apply to both men and women, although I feel like they will appeal more to women. All of these online stores are ones that I have found where I can purchase inexpensive, fashionable items or designer products for a discounted price! Continue reading “Online Shopping!!”

First Unboxing from ULTA Beauty!!!!

I am excited to try out some products that I purchased from ULTA Beauty! All of the products I purchased are new to me. There are BOGO sales, buy one get one 50% off many products. Ulta is one of the websites that can be shopped at through Ebates for 3% cash back. Also use Code: 301872 for $3.50 off of a purchase of $10 or more.

Continue reading “First Unboxing from ULTA Beauty!!!!”

Combat Crunch vs. Quest Bars

I’m going to be comparing Muscle Pharm’s Combat Crunch protein bars to Quest bars. I will be reviewing packaging, taste, macros and then I will let you know which one I prefer! Dalton and his brother already did their taste test. You can check it out here: They didn’t have the exact same flavors available at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe so I picked up the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Combat Crunch Bar and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar.

Continue reading “Combat Crunch vs. Quest Bars”

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